Say Goodbye To Stress With The Breathlace

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+ Complete Stress & Vape Detox Kit (Digital)

Introducing the tool that's helped thousands easily quit smoking/vaping and achieve the healthy, stress-free lifestyle they deserve.

Color: Black
This stress relief mindful necklace is a must have for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
The unique bead necklace design adds a delicate and elegant touch to your look.
This necklace is perfect for those who love unique and stylish accessories.
It is suitable for various occasions such as wear, parties, and gatherings.
This necklace is an gift for friends or family members who love fashion accessories and unique styles.

Trusted By Over 15,000+ Happy Customers

"100% worth it!"

"I couldn't be happier with my Breathlace! As someone who is  juggling college, work, and all the stress that comes with it, I was searching for something to help me unwind & break free from vaping. 

The Breathlace has become my go-to stress-reliever that just so happens to go with all of my outfits!"

Lauren D.

"It actually helped me quit vaping!"

"After reading many reviews, I finally took the leap.. I wasn't really expecting it to work as I've tried nicotine gum and patches previously with no joy.

However, not only is the quality amazing but it actually helped me quit vaping! I highly recommend to anyone else struggling to quit"

Joe R.

"Its a life saver"

"This has been a wonderful find. I've struggled with smoking for years, and this stylish necklace has given me a real way out. It helps me handle my cravings and find calm when things get tough. 

I'm really happy with how the Breathlace has made my journey to better health so much easier. Thank you for this amazing solution!"

Jane L.

How It Works

For Stress/Anxiety...

The Breathlace features a unique length & diameter which is proven to create resistance to the airflow, This helps to activate the body's relaxation response and help reduce stress/anxiety.

For Quitting Smoking/Vaping...

The Breathlace offers an alternative behavior that mimics the inhalation & exhalation pattern associated with vaping or smoking. This replaces the action of smoking or vaping with a healthier alternative. 


Key Benefits

Breathe Your Worries Away

Ever feel anxious or stressed? The Breathlace can help!

 Imagine it as a breathing buddy that calms your mind. It teaches you to take slower and longer breaths, which makes you feel super chill. When anxiety strikes, just wear it, breathe, and let worries drift away.

Get relief fast

Kick Your Vape To The Curb

Tired of being stuck in the vaping trap? The Breathlace is your ticket to break free. 

Imagine a world where you're not controlled by cravings, where every exhale helps you conquer that urge. It's not just a necklace – it's your partner in overcoming vaping, making each breath a step towards a healthier, vape-free life

"It's Just A Metal Straw"

The Breathlace is far more than a metal straw. It's an intricately designed stress relief tool. 

It has been crafted to replicate the calming effect you get from smoking/vaping, but in a much healthier way. Increase focus, decrease stress and become the best version of you with the Breathlace!

"It's Too Expensive"

Vaping isn't just harmful to your health; it's a drain on your wallet too. Did you know the average vaper shells out a staggering $646 per year? Imagine the possibilities with that money – travel, treats, or savings! 

Now, picture the Breathlace in your life. Built from ultra-strong & 100% safe materials , it's a lifelong companion that delivers calm whenever you need it, all without breaking the bank. 

Start saving today

How To Use The Breathlace

Feel your stress leaving your body with one quick & simple exercise


Deeply through your nose


For 5 seconds


Through your Breathlace


5 times until calm

It's Life Changing.

Ditching nicotine has never been so easy...